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Bible and Lexicon Searches

By entering text into the upper search box you can search all the bible versions you have selected for one word or two words or three words etc and for one phrase or two phrases or three phrases etc. Use the + operator to search for more than one word or phrase in a verse. Pick the search language by hitting the English, Hebrew, Greek or More buttons. Hit the Verses button to find a particular verse in the bible. If you clear the bible search box (by hitting the x button at the right of the box) and hit the Verses button, then you get the entire verse list of the bible - both testaments one after the other. Bible searches ignore punctuation.

For a history list of all your previous bible searches in the current session hit the history button which is second left on the top tool bar. This is a session bible search history.

The lexicon searches work in the same way except that one can only search in Hebrew or Greek and there is no + operator for lexicon searches. 

1. Be careful when copying Hebrew words into a search box to copy the space after the word to ensure that you get the vowel point on the last letter. Then delete the space after you paste the word into the search box.
2. When typing Greek words into the Lexicon search there is no need to accent them, the search routine does both an accented and an unaccented search. 
3. Hit the option button at the top right of the tool bar to perform a wider lexicon search if necessary.

The Greek lexicon search looks up 3 lexicons at once (Thayer, Liddell and Strong's). Every one of the 5830 Greek stems in the Greek bible texts should be in one of those lexicons (we added about 300 entries that were missing to Strong's).

The Hebrew Lexicon search looks up two lexicons (Gesenius and Strong's). Every one of the 8094 Hebrew stems will be found in one or other or both Lexicons (except around 50 of them).

You can paste Greek or Hebrew words from the Lexicon entries into the Lexicon search box in the lexicon window to find more info on those words in the lexicons.

GeseH means that the word you are searching for appears in the Hebrew text of a Gesenius entry but not as a word entry in its own right.