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The Tregelles Greek Text from Tyndale House

"Tregellesís Greek text belonged to the first generation of critical texts that departed from the Textus Receptus as printed in the previous 350 years.
Tregelles produced a critical text with a complete apparatus for the whole of the New Testament, a one-man effort only repeated by Tischendorf.
Tregelles emphasized the most ancient evidence.
Variants are noted which are often not mentioned in the modern pocket editions.
Tregelles produced his Greek New Testament in the conviction that theology should follow from the text, not vice versa.
Tregelles was a major influence on Westcott and Hort.
TNT contains a transcription of the Greek text exactly as printed.
TNT2 is a corrected edition in which many of the print and accentual errors have been removed."

Bible Linguistics uses TNT2.