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Bugs and Tips

There are no known bugs in Bible Linguistics. But there are plenty of known bugs in Microsoft Windows and its applications which can cause trouble for Bible Linguistics. If you find a bug in Bible Linguistics please email us the details.

1. If you see a square or oblong box instead of a Hebrew or Greek character, or if some vowel points disappear or move or if your Greek letters develop inexplicable spaces between them, this is because Windows has lost some or all of the relevant Hebrew or Greek font characters. This can occur if you have a large number of fonts installed. According to Microsoft you should uninstall some fonts because you put too many of them into Windows! This 'solution' reminds the writer of the response Mozart gave to the King when he criticized one of his pieces for having too many notes. Mozart replied saying: Which particular notes would you like me to remove your majesty? The fix is not to remove any fonts. Firstly find a copy of the font file (bwgrkl.ttf or bwhebb.ttf) on your PC somewhere, (using the windows search function) even the one in the Windows\fonts directory is OK. Copy that file to your desktop. Then simply to remove this font that is giving you trouble by finding it and then deleting it from the Windows\fonts directory. Then to re-install it using the File menu and the Install new font item on that menu. You will get a screen asking you where to get the new font from. Point the relevant box at the desktop and it will find all the fonts on your desktop. Select the font you are re-installing and press the relevant button to install it. You are just effectively rehousing that font. 

Windows has a character map program which does not display all your characters the way your PC sees them. It can be useful. It can be useless. There is an alternative program called extended character map v 1.41. This program is not written by Microsoft. It is available for download from the net for free. Just do a Google search for it's name. It shows the characters exactly as they appear in Windows and gives you the keystrokes for all the characters in the extended character set. But it only goes up to the extended character set maximum of Alt 0255 (hold down the alt key and type the number to get the character). It is no good for unicode fonts which can have many more characters than even the extended character set (extended above the number of characters that a keyboard can type).

2. If you add or subtract a bible version from to or from the display screen it will jump a bit to another verse. This is because the software does not actually know where you are on the screen. This is not a bug it is an inadequate design. We will fix this in BL2.

3. Once again remember with Hebrew word copy pasting into the search boxes to take the trailing space with you such that you do not miss out the vowel on the last letter of the word. And remember with Greek word copy pasting into the Lexicon search box in the lower window that you can de-accent the Greek word if the accented word is not found since the search checks both accented and unaccented lexicon entries.

4. The bible search box does not search for Hebrew or Greek Stems. It only searches the bible texts themselves.