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We use: Bwgrkl.ttf, Bwhebb.ttf, Serto Jerusalem, Abyssinica SIL, Scheherazade, SBL Greek, Arial, Times New Roman. Bible Linguistics will load these fonts into memory whilst the program is in use. We do not actually install these fonts into Windows. If you want to install them them please go to the Windows\Fonts folder choose Install New Font from the File Menu and then Browse to the Bible Linguistics\Fonts folder.
Here is the BibleWorks.com copyright notice: "BWHEBB [Hebrew]; BWGRKL [Greek] Postscript® Type 1 and TrueTypeT fonts Copyright © 1994-2011 BibleWorks, LLC. All rights reserved. These Biblical Greek and Hebrew fonts are used with permission and are from BibleWorks (www.bibleworks.com)." Please respect copyrights as described in www.bibleworks.com/fonts.html if you distribute these fonts.