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Search Results and History

If you hit the upper search result button you toggle between displaying the search results box and no displaying it. This is useful if you have a particularly long verse such as Daniel 5:23, which is full of Kethibs and Qeres. Kethibs are shown in () and Qeres in []. The Kethib is the written form of the scripture found in the text itself. The Qere is a marginal note meant for pronounciation and therefore generally of not much interest to bible interpretation. But actually sometimes the Masoretes appear to have put an alternative written form in the Qere. So on occasion the Qere is of value to a bible interpreter. 

If you hit the lower lexicon search button them you can the latest search results. If you hit the adjacent lexicon history button you get all the lexicon looks ups that you have so far done in the current session.