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Example Screen Shots

Below is a search for the two English words David and Saul. The verses containing both of these words (not necessarily one after the other but merely both in the same verse) are listed in the Bible Search Results Window. The Lexicon window has a search for the Hebrew word @p;a'  Awpap, meaning to surround. It also shows the previous Hebrew lexicon search history.


Below is a search for the 3 English words woe, Scribes and Pharisees. The Search Results window has the verses which contain all 3 words. The lexicon window shows the Greek Lexicon search history. It also has the triple lexicon results for the Greek word ovfei,lw.


Below is a Greek Bible search for the adjective tufloi, meaning blind (ones). There are 8 bible version chosen and 5 verses are displayed. The lexicon window has a Greek search for the word a,ga,ph which means love, charitable principled love.


Below is a Russian word search for the two words in the bible search box. They only appear in the same verse in Matthew 6:30. The lexicon search word was the Greek katakauca,omai.