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User Guide for Bible Linguistics

The idea is to present all the bible translations you require and the original Greek or Hebrew text and its parsing and the stem words which are inflected to make the scriptures on one screen. You choose which of the 8 Greek texts and parsings and stems you want to see and which of the translations you want to see. We present them in an interlinear manner. So you can end up with an absurdly large interlinear bible of pretty much everything mankind has all on one screen. For this purpose it is best to get a HD screen, 1920 by 1080 pixels. Then you will see virtually all the bible verses without having to either wrap them or scroll along to see the last part of them. 

For the best possible research experience get a full HD (1920 x 1080) projector and point it at a fairly white wall! Then you can fulfil Daniel5! We used a BenQ for best font definition. Do not get one of the projectors pretending to be Full HD (WUXGA) which has a native screen resolution of less than 1920x1080. This gives you IMAX bible research! We also present as many verses as possible at once on the screen because you cannot really understand a verse without considering at least the verse above and the verse below. So you can scroll up and down to see further preceding and succeeding verses. But the more lines you decide to have in your interlinear the less verses will fit on your screen.