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The writer started serious bible research with the Jehovah's Witnesses in 1987. They proved to him that God was real and that the Kingdom of God was a real administration of mankind by Jesus that would begin in the near future. They also proved to him that the dream of Nebuchanezzar in Daniel 4 has two meanings, two fulfilments, one on Nebuchanezzar himself who spent either 7 months or 7 years living as a wild animal and then was returned to his throne, and the other on the saints who oversee the true people of God, who lost their kingship over them for 7 Prophetic Times or 2520 years which is 7 x 360 years which is 7 years of years rather than 7 years of days. These ran from 607Tishri, the agricultural year in which Pharoah Necho appointed Eliakim the son of Josiah as a vassal king for Egypt over God's people, the sons of the Isaiac Church Covenant, those with a valid water baptism (through Moses or through an Elijah) to 1914Tishri, when God appointed Charles Taze Russell, the angel of Ephesus (who thought that he was the angel of Laodicea) over the sons of the ICC. Russell knew this date having correctly mapped the 2520 year interpretation of the Presbyterian minister John Aquila Brown to the period. He called this period the Gentile Times (since it involved God's official people, the sons of the ICC, being ruled over by Gentiles (spiritual gentiles, non saints, people who were not members of spiritual Israel). Russell recognised that Jesus would 'come' at the end of the Gentile Times, in fact to set up the 3rd true Christian church which was the first true Christian church of the second presence. Since he recognised Jesus' coming, he was appointed over all his belongings in accordance with Matthew 24. These belongings are the saints. Although he incorrectly thought that Jerusalem fell to Nebuchadnezzar in 607 BC. It fell in 586, the temple being burned on 586Ab10. The lunar calendar that the bible uses has 360 days in it. It is the original calendar of mankind. It was used by all of us prior to 1000 BC - see U4.

This concept that one set of bible words had two meanings was a revolution to the writer. He realised that it meant the book was essentially quadratic (a mathematical equation with two solutions). The bible was interpretationally quadratic. Mankind has known since Jesus that the bible has a literal meaning a symbolic meaning a prophetic meaning and a moral meaning. This has been known generally but not specifically. We have not really known how to get to these further meanings and in many cases we do not properly understand even the literal meaning of the scriptures. For example when Jesus fed the 5,000, the lame but prevalent interpretation is: Make sure you pick up left over food, do not waste any. But Jesus asked his disciples: How many provision baskets did you take up in the case of the 5,000 and how many in the case of the 4,000 fed? So there is a greater meaning to the number of provision baskets picked up from the feeding of the 5,000 and the number of baskets picked up from the 4,000. Remember that Joseph interpreted the 3 bread baskets in the case of the dream of the chief of the bakers as standing for 3 days for him. For our latest attempt at these greater meanings see http://www.truebiblecode.com/understanding67.html

Once the writer had grasped that the dream of Daniel 4 has two meanings he asked the question: What about Daniel 5? What about Genesis 4? etc. This lead to his realisation that essentially the entire bible was a multi meaning book. In particular it lead the writer to realise that not only were there 7 Prophetic Times of Daniel4 between 607Tishri (when the crown of Israel was lost to Pharaoh Necho at his appointment of Eliakim as king, whose name was changed to Jehoiakim to make him sound like he was a vassal king of Jehovah, but he was chosen by and ruled for Pharaoh) and 1914Tishri when actually Charles Taze Russell was appointed to rule as vassal king of God over his true people who were at that time the International Bible Students, but that there were also 7 Prophetic Times (2520 years) from the eviction out of Eden on 3993Nisan14-17 BC to the entrance into the promised land and eating of its fruits on 1473Nisan14-17. These two periods being a Kingship malediction encoded as a dream of Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4 and a Promised Land malediction encoded as a protection for Cain in Genesis 4 during his 7 year eviction period for murdering his brother.

Now once you have the date of the eviction from Eden, you have the date of the start of Satan's system, this world, which is the start of his 6,000 year lease, a day for 1,000 years. Well actually the lease started on 3992Tishri14, 6 months after the eviction - see our home page. Said lease ends with the Lord's sabbath which is the 1,000 year kingdom of God. So Satan's lease expired on 2008Tishri14 (Nisan1 calendar), 6,000 years after 3992Tishri14 (Tishri1 calendar). Nothing much was observed on 2008Tishri14, although the world did go into financial meltdown around that time. But the scripture says that the Kingdom of God is not coming with observability. So we would not expect a fanfare or a firework display. 

For these reasons and for many others not least an understanding of the unbreakable and universal nature of God's love for his children, the writer continued bible research from 1987 onwards. But he did not start independent bible research, by which is meant research using his own mind rather than the minds of the people who run the Watchtower Society until 1992 when he discovered the 7 Prophetic Times of the Exedenic Times from Eden to the Promised land. He was thrown out of the Watchtower in 1996, not for doing independent research, but for seeing from that research that God had rejected the Watchtower as his true church. 

He also saw in his research that the 4thtrue church, the second true Christian church of the second presence, should be set up and called the Lords' Witnesses. We put the apostrophe after the 's' because there are two Lords, Jehovah and Jesus. We are witnesses to them both. The LWs are not really an evangelical church, there are plenty of them in the world. We are a research church, there are hardly any of them. We are the church of Mary who sat at the feet of the Christ rather than Martha who ran around doing administration. Mary represents the first law, to love God. Martha represents the second to love your brother as yourself. 

We came up with some absolutely wonderful new church doctrine and understandings, and were blessed with so many sacred secrets which we endeavour to explain in www.truebiblecode.com. But sadly only a very few will choose a church on the power of her understandings. People do not judge on content, they judge on track record, status, credibility etc. That is the sad and empty way of the world. So a church with almost no good understandings but a thousands of members is acceptable to the masses. But a church with thousands of good understandings and almost no members is of no interest. Therefore a wicked generation and an adulterer seek a sign and actually need a sign due to their intellectual blindness. 

We have known since 2,000 AD that it will take a sign from God before any significant number of people join this church. Hence we have been attempting to predict the date when fire will come from the heavens in accordance with 1Kings18. This has pre-occupied us for the last 6 years since 2006Iyyar14. But having made 350 incorrect calculations for the date of the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18 we then realised from Joshua6 and 1Kings18 itself that 350 was the full number of gyrations we should make. This freed us up to do something else.

Obviously what we needed was a more accurate view of the bible. So we decided after 2011Shebat17 (2012February14-15), the end date of our 350th failed prediction, to write some software to give us the most accurate view possible of the holy book.